• Provide greater device accessibility through Responsive Web Design
  • Improve overall content strategy and user experience to make the site more engaging
  • Organize content to make it highly accessible for prospective students
  • Boost brand equity and online reach
  • Augment overall SEO performance and organic search results
Phase 1


The minds at SchoolCreative came to Forge and Smith looking to revamp their existing website. We needed to translate their team’s approachability and passion for the arts—so apparent in our face-to-face discussions with them—to the online medium. We began by discarding the old parallax scrolling and video loops, opting instead for a cleaner, more professional looking design. A big part of SchoolCreative’s value proposition is the quality of their instruction and unique program offerings. An advanced landing page featuring their full range of programs, along with a new faculty section, complete with biographies and images, would showcase the institution’s creative flavours in the best way.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

Our design team was tasked with repackaging the school's existing copy in a fresh new way. We accomplished the task by integrating bright colours, with each hue corresponding to a program's specific content. On the home page, we focused on engaging visitors with an assortment of photos enticing visitors to explore the programs further. Visitors are then prompted to discover additional facts about the respective industries with visual cues blending a stylized mix of typography and photography. Academic yet stylized. Clean and inspiring. Making the content highly visual was a key objective.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing It All Together

School creative is a huge website with a lot of content to manage. They required a site boasting visual appeal and smart functionality. Our backend work nicely complemented the branded storytelling approach fostered by our UX and content strategists. With multiple levels of development and interconnectivity on every page, our developers made it easy for visitors to navigate program information without getting lost. Contact pages with web forms for student applications and tour requests allow for more efficient conversions. Improved share-ability permits prospective students to engage with the school on a social level. Visitors are now invited to explore the world of creative possibilities awaiting them in Vancouver.