Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast

We’ve poured over a decade of experience into finding the best methods and tools to deliver the ultimate end goal: a highly usable website. Our collaborative approach keeps it simple, focused on what’s best for your users. And at each step, you’ll be supported by our team’s expertise – and our excitement about your project.

Step 1

Kickoff Research

To plan and build the best possible website for your business, we kick things off with deep data analysis from your Google Analytics, SEO, and competitors. This report, complete with super in-depth keyword research, guides the content and web design choices we’ll help you make throughout the project.

Step 2

Sitemap & Information Architecture

We audit your existing content and website structure, to help determine your site’s architecture. From there, we create a strategic sitemap. This is the blueprint for the overall structure of your site — what content you have, what you need, and where it will all go.

Step 3

UX Prototyping

Using the data from our initial research and the sitemap, we build out a working prototype of your website. This no-frills framework allows you to explore page structure, test navigation, and interact with all of your links, menus, and forms to plot your new site’s functionality.

Step 4

Content Gathering

Once your site’s layout and interactions are approved, it’s time to collect all the copy and visuals that will tell your story. This stage can take the longest, so it works in tandem with design. Content is collected in a collaborative, WordPress-based content prototype, and we offer expert support for copywriting, images, and SEO – ask for more details!

Step 5

Style Tiles

The approved prototype gives us a structure, now it’s time for décor — choosing the colours, typography, and visual elements that will bring your company’s personality to life. We keep aesthetic planning separate from wireframes and content so that each aspect of your new website gets the full focus it deserves.

Step 6

Web Designs

Wireframes + style tiles = full page mockups! This is when we apply all of the previously approved UX and UI pieces into full page designs, so you can see how your new website will look and feel. Here, you get to explore how all the elements fit together to create a complete user experience.

Step 7

Custom Web Development

Using our advanced nested SCSS techniques, our skilled developers translate your approved prototype and styling into a custom website. This stage can include things like building or integrating eCommerce functionality, migrating specific post types from your old site, or adding new MarTech integrations.

Step 8

Website Population

This step is straightforward: we move all of the awesome content you provided at the gathering stage into your new website! By request, our content specialists can also polish your copy to a web-friendly glow during this stage.

Step 9

Initial QA

Here’s where we fine-tune your site through rigorous internal testing. Our experienced designers, developers, content specialists, and QA leads will comb your new site’s pages for flaws and bugs, testing its responsiveness on multiple devices and making adjustments to get it right.

Step 10

Training & Final QA

When we hand over the keys, we also teach you to drive the bus. We provide full training in website management and our ticket system, so your team can test every page and element to make sure it’s the website you were expecting – the one that will grow your business.

Step 11

Pre-Launch SEO

For your new site to succeed, we need to maintain your existing search authority – and improve it. SEO is baked into every step of our process, but especially launch time. Our SEO experts will audit and implement 301 redirects (including migration of existing 301s), metadata optimization, and all existing analytics tracking codes and pixels to prevent data loss.

Step 12

Site Launch

Once your team has signed off on QA, your site is ready to launch! We’ll work with you on a solid launch plan to ensure it goes smoothly. This can include working with your IT department, gathering all launch requirements, updating URLs, reconfiguring your domain, setting up SSL certificates, and configuring caching and plugins.

Step 13

Post-Launch SEO

The days after a site launch are extremely important for your SEO! We’re constantly monitoring your site’s performance, setting up additional analytics tracking, and completing performance optimization: image compression, and setting up your site’s caching, lazy loading, CDN, and file minification.

Step 14

Maintenance & Digital Marketing

We want your new site to be a major asset in business growth. Our process sets it up for success, but you’ll need to invest time into its upkeep. We have various performance support packages including maintenance, hosting, SEO, content strategy, social media, and user experience.