• Ensure accessible information architecture for easy content discovery by several unique audiences
  • Implement filtering of faculty by search function as well as related programs and disciplines
  • Establish complex yet relevant content relationships site-wide to establish subject authority
  • Significantly reorganize and create clear paths to donation opportunities in the Ways To Give area
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
Phase 1


Centre for Brain Health’s mission is to bring together associated training, clinical care, and research, so it was vital that site visitors could find clear paths to what they need – correlating research, or faculty and clinic contact information.

This website redesign was all about creating a more logical system for all that content. With numerous researchers who contribute an impressive amount of content, it was essential that their team be able to easily publish and manage it, and their visitors be able to seamlessly browse and search.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

The Centre already had distinct branding. What we did was use the web design as an opportunity to help them create a much more engaging visual experience. The homepage features clean banner iconography, while news and events dynamically update in callouts distinguished from each other by an alternating light steel-blue background. On hover, menu items are underlined from left to right, providing visual confirmation of the intended path and subtle forward motion.

Style Tile

Prominent homepage banner callouts give distinct paths to areas for patients, research resources, or donation opportunities. Research is filtered to category-specific landing pages that display the corresponding Faculty, and both sections now have a strong search capability. Robust faculty pages feature research areas, links to publications, and contact information. And individual clinic contact information is now found in the footer menu and Contact page, saving visitors time.