• Improve brand equity and online reach through branded storytelling
  • Improve overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience for multiple audiences
  • Create a highly usable, searchable and browsable product catalogue with easy related content and clear conversion points
  • Improve SEO performance to drive additional free organic search traffic
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
Phase 1


Stella Glass Hardware has a great reputation as a provider of custom solutions for projects of all sizes and industries. They needed a fresh website design that could turn their existing online presence into a powerful tool for showcasing their innovative custom work, and drive leads and sales.

We approached the design with an emphasis on a quick, intuitive mobile experience for their B2B audience to find parts and specs on job sites. Enhanced product search and filtering, product detail pages, and lateral navigation opportunities through recommended content shaped a stronger and more complete user experience.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

Stella's branding was kept in place, and we worked with their existing palette to give the site a more polished, modern feel in keeping with their imaginative solutions. We focused on creating additional space and new opportunities to incorporate their impactful imagery. From products to case studies, their work speaks for itself and creates an emotional connection through eye-catching photography.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing it all together

The new Stella Glass Hardware site is a strong credibility asset with improved brand storytelling and a more accessible user experience. Products are easily searched through improved navigation and filtering, and the design assist specs can be quickly found and downloaded. It positions their business as innovative and capable of doing unique work through the product galleries and the inspirational projects section.