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About the Organization

Circular Materials is an extended producer responsibility organization. They specialize in the design and implementation of recycling programs and systems on behalf of paper and packaging producers, and are a service provider to existing programs across multiple provinces.

  • Improve the overall aesthetic and user experience and make the site more engaging
  • Increase visitor understanding and awareness about recycling systems
  • Facilitate clear, effective communication to a variety of audiences in different regions, on different subjects
  • Implement geolocation and content filtering functions to better serve residential users in finding content relevant to their residential area
  • Integrate mobile friendly functionality and content bilingualism
  • Create a simple, easy to navigate, user friendly site backed by WordPress CMS and our patented site builder plugin, Foundry


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Circular Materials came to us with a fantastic challenge. They had a vast amount of website content for municipal, partner, and general public audiences. It needed to be reorganized in a way that’s both easy to browse and tailored to a user’s location. And they needed a full website redesign and build on a tight turnaround.

Strong information architecture and ample content discovery opportunities were the two critical areas of focus for this project. Residents needed to be able to find key information by their location or community, in English and French. Producers needed to quickly access resources. This was exactly the kind of puzzle we love to solve.



Circular Materials had strong branding in place, and a clear vision of how they wanted to apply it to their new website. Combining public needs and industry standards, styling the site involved creating page layouts and elements that would deliver a visually appealing experience while maintaining AODA Level AA compliancy. We wanted the overall look and feel to be slightly earthy and organic, while still evoking professionalism.

Phase 3

Bringing it All Together

Complete with automatic location detection and additional jurisdiction search capabilities, visitors in multiple provinces can utilize Circular Materials’ website to find the how, what, when, and where of local recycling programs and services. And as their organization expands in the coming years, the flexibility and customization options of Foundry make it easy for their team to add new regional content.

Stakeholders also have access to a secure portal where they can download resources and industry templates, all with content specific to their provinces, improving the circulation of materials online and offline.

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