• Represent the region and its communities, providing a geographic and visual understanding of Northwest BC
  • Showcase lifestyle, activities, community culture, and environment as integral pieces of the region
  • Present employment and/or training opportunities, amenities, and key points of interest
  • Connect prospective workers with employers in the region
  • Collect inbound contact details for email lists
  • Provide important information like upcoming events, things to do, essential services, and transportation
Phase 1


We were approached to help a group of municipalities and tourism boards launch an all-new website, to drive interest in work and life in Northwest BC. The goal was to have the site serve as a portal for employers, and both current and prospective workers and residents.

The goal of this web design project was to create an engaging and interactive visitor experience to showcase both jobs and regional attractions. The site needed to be highly appealing to visitors, and easy to frequently update.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

There was already great branding in place for this site, so our task was to translate their brand guidelines into a welcoming and visually pleasing website. We particularly liked using a fun, unique illustration style in combination with their earthy palette and gorgeous photography to create a natural, outdoorsy aesthetic.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing It All Together

The new Northwest BC recruitment site is so engaging that some of our own team members who worked on it were seriously considering relocation. The content story highlights key elements of work, life, and playtime in the regions. It has clear contact points for those considering relocation, employers looking to recruit, and residents who want to share their personal stories. It also includes a cool maps integration that helps interested visitors explore their favourite amenities, and discover what's available up north.