Web Design and Development Case Study for Red Rover System Integrations | Forge and Smith, Vancouver
About The Organization

Red Rover is a leading System Integrator of networking, computing and scalable storage solutions for enterprise customers. They provide world-class solutions that address the ever-changing needs in dynamic enterprises.

  • Restructure their website content to strategically realign their online brand to be more accessible and integrated
  • Improve device accessibility through Responsive Web Design
  • Drive organic SEO search results and raise overall conversion

Phase 1


Starting from scratch we created simple categories allowing users to define their interests and needs right off the bat. The previous website was text heavy which made it hard to keep the user interested and directed to where they needed to go in a timely fashion.

Phase 2

Style Concepts

Staying very close to the brand, the main colours used were red and grey. We adopted some modern web design techniques, such a flat surfaces, large type, and use of white space to keep the information easy-to-read and well organized. We refreshed the look in a tangible way, bringing their overall online presence forward.

style concepts

Phase 3

Bringing it all together

Red Rover underwent a complete rebrand and to compliment that look, Forge and Smith crafted a sleek new polished website. From creating custom icons to illustrate the services they offer, to creating a full product catalogue, and featuring their partner logos, all in a responsive site design. The result is a simple, directed experience that guides users through the Red Rover value proposition.

project image