• Advanced Home page with branded storytelling
  • Centrepiece focus on the expertly designed Grand Prix track and services
  • Clubhouse, Villa Eyrie Resort, and Circuit detail pages
  • Management of membership benefits and packages
  • Testimonials calling out to the experience of driving at the V.I.M.T.
Phase 1


We were excited to do a custom website redesign that would be marketed to the racing and automotive industry. Like the race track itself, we wanted this project to be a complete custom experience, tailored to Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit’s needs.

The focus for the new website would be on the user experience itself, highlighting core pages that were important to Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit’s audience. One of the concerns was that the they needed a way to shine a spotlight on the clubhouse, resort, individual driving programs, and track safety; so we crafted custom solutions for their web design and development needs.

In addition, the pages needed to be fast and intuitive to keep up with the members themselves. We worked with stakeholders to produce an information architecture that made sense for the members.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

Race tracks are the stuff of dreams, and the Vancouver Island Motor Circuit owners wanted a site that spoke eloquently to the luxury and high-class nature of the track and the membership.

Our approach was to focus on a site that featured a lot of high-quality imagery, with an editorial aesthetic. Combining the use of effective imagery with paired use of serif and sans-serif typefaces works to create an element of class, particularly with the blog and narrative content.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing It All Together

The end result of this website redesign is slick and stylish, reflecting the type vehicles that will be found on the track. Potential members are able to see and experience the features of the track online. Creating a website that was detailed, easy to navigate, and which emulated Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit branding were the main goals behind this web design and development.