• Create opportunities for social referrals
  • Provide greater device accessibility through Responsive Web Design
  • Improve organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion
  • Create an easy and flexible blogging platform to help connect with their customers
  • Design an easy way for users to find their products online and in stores
Phase 1


Artists (like any consumer) tend to be brand loyal; and yet, experimentation plays a big part of the creative process. Heart Stone Paper required a website that would appeal to artists by distinguishing itself as a unique and exciting alternative. The user experience was customized for visual stimulation. Rock paper had to be seen as a viable option for any number of eclectic projects. This message was expressed—and reinforced— through multiple curated voices including testimonials, reviews and a good blog. Authenticating the products’ merits in the best possible way meant showcasing Heart Stone Paper’s enthusiasm and imagination with every scroll and click.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

Heart Stone Paper came to us with a strong sense of identity, but no formal logo. A big part of the storytelling process involved coming up with a visual identifier that epitomized their playful attitude and distinct product line. The pending design would inform the new site's overall look. With an artist's eye and intuition, Heart Stone Paper approved our “paper heart” concept. With a new logo in place, we set about sketching a site with hand-drawn flourishes, bright colours and inspirational pics designed to tantalize any artist's inner muse.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing It All Together

As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Every one of our digital brushstrokes had to support easy exploration of FAQs, benefits and buying options. The site was conceived as a gateway to a community, motivating people to try out the product and share their outcomes online. Based in Montreal, Quebec, we made the site available in both English and French. We integrated Google Maps and linking buttons to all partnering retailers. The inclusion of two separate contact forms—one for general information and one for project ideas—would assist with visitor engagement. Heart Stone Paper's new website is devoted to the discovery process; a hub for artistic inspiration and community.