• Increase user engagement through enhanced usability, searchability, functionality, and social sharing
  • Drive awareness and understanding to the US market through SEO strategy and content marketing
  • Provide an educational resource by showcasing key resources and utilizing strong site search filters
  • Revise and rebrand content to support key messages and feature projects, research, design, and innovation
  • Develop an infrastructure allowing continuous improvement and customization in a straightforward WordPress CMS
  • Responsive design that supports a seamless mobile experience and integrates third-party APIs
Phase 1


Think Wood needed a complete user experience overhaul to really engage visitors through improved site search, navigation, and social amplification, and to deliver personalized content, integrate third-party APIs, and provide a smooth mobile website experience. As a trusted industry resource, they needed to showcase key content and educate visitors on the uses and benefits of soft lumber, while elevating awareness in the U.S. market.

It was important to thoroughly understand Think Wood’s key audience, and build out an insightful content strategy to drive engagement and lead generation. We developed a strong SEO strategy and information architecture to support their website redesign goals. All of the improved functionality needed to be supported by a clear, easy-to-use CMS to allow continuous content updates.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

The Think Wood palette is an array of bright, welcoming earth tones with bold accents. Combined with a spacious design and eye-catching photography, the style helps the content stand out and encourages more navigation. The clean, modern typography makes it easy to search and read key information, and the strong emphasis on imagery really showcases the soft lumber projects.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing it all together

The new, rebranded Think Wood website is highly searchable, intuitive, and responsive. Its interactive gallery with custom search filters showcases innovative projects and content. Social sharing and MailChimp integrations allow for easy amplification and newsletter sign-ups, and Google Analytics tracking enables monitoring goals and conversions. Everything is managed through a user-friendly WordPress CMS, allowing Think Wood to easily add and modify content, continuously bolstering their trust and credibility as an educational resource.