SweetGeorgia Yarns Web Redesign Case Study - Forge and Smith, Vancouver
About The Organization

SweetGeorgia is an artisan yarn company that makes exquisite hand-dyed yarns and fibres in stunningly saturated colours. SweetGeorgia offers webinars, workshops, and guides to knitting and crafting with yarn. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Increase brand equity and online reach by focusing on solid content additions and user engagement
  • Create a highly usable, searchable and browseable product catalogue with easy social sharing options and clear conversion points to contact for a quote
  • Expand content and product offerings (patterns, projects, lesson courses) to grow community and brand recognition
  • Reorganize and expand current blog for enhanced search and browse-ability of content
  • Grow social engagement and nurture resulting referral traffic
  • Implement social user stories and hashtag streams to improve trust and credibility and create better conversion
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS and WooCommerce for cart functionality
  • Gross Revenue

    + --% Year over Year
  • Order Value

    + --% Year over Year
  • Email Conversions

    + --% Year over Year

Phase 1


When SweetGeorgia Yarns approached us, the brand already had a fantastic foundation on which to build. What she needed was help – her business website had grown to the point where the work of managing it was taking away from her ability to manage her business.

The client was able to work with us to set a more visual experience for SweetGeorgia Yarns. Together we came up with a better overall experience in presenting and exploring products, which centralized the content and made it pleasurable and intuitive to navigate. They wanted to make sure that visitors, friends, and clients could easily find what they were looking for based on their interest.

Phase 2

Style Concepts

SweetGeorgia had a strong brand, and a multitude of great things to highlight. We wanted to make the site as fun and invigorating as chatting with owner Felicia Lo, so we focused on making the experience as intuitive and self-serve as possible. Interconnectivity within the site was paramount. Visitors can find yarns and fibres (for those who like to spin) in the weights, material, and colours they like; find patterns and workshops based on the yarns they already have; and provide detailed links to the materials needed for each workshop to make it easier to buy. Fluid, bold typography and vibrant colour palette enhance and draw the focus to the bright, colourful yarns and knitting projects the site showcases.

style concepts

Phase 3

Bringing It All Together

Even if you've never looked at a pair of knitting needles you can start with SweetGeorgia Yarns and learn. The fully-integrated eCommerce lets viewers see curated new selections from the fibres, yarns, and patterns right on the homepage. Workshops and new materials are frequently added. The bright photos of rich, vibrant skeins leap off the screen.

The redesigned SweetGeorgia Yarns site fosters a love of craft and nostalgia for gifts from family. We dare you to spend ten minutes on the site and not fall in love with yarn.

project image