How to Get Your Blogging Black Belt: Blog Mastery Conference 2015

April 22, 2015
By Forge and Smith

This weekend I will be speaking on a panel about website design at the Blog Mastery Conference in downtown Vancouver (April 25th and 26th, 2015). I am looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the experts and aspiring bloggers in attendance.

As a longtime karate student, whenever I hear the term “master,” I automatically equate it with the martial arts. This got me thinking about the parallels between the two distinct disciplines: karate and web communication. I’ve always appreciated the intensity required to master a particular set of skills. Credibility has to be earned. You can’t call yourself a master without putting in the work.

Blog Mastery Conference 2015

When it comes to blogging, Ricky Shetty has definitely earned his black belt. Having garnered a substantial following as the Daddy Blogger, he has taken it upon himself to establish this weekend’s conference. Given his credentials, I would suggest he might even be going for his second “dan.”

Part of being good at what you do is knowing where your weaknesses lie; that’s what makes these web conferences so great. It takes a great deal of effort to work your way up the ranks towards acquiring that coveted black belt status. It is an ongoing journey. You should never stop learning.

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When blogging is done right, it serves a website’s main purpose in the best possible way: it creates social engagement through meaningful content. This is a strategy I fully adhere to. If you can connect with an audience and generate a following, then you’re the social media equivalent of Bruce Lee in a dojo full of faceless ninjas.

Blogs should aspire to be more than just a digital journal (although they can serve that function, too). They are a portal for establishing relationships. A fundamental component in building upon your brand.

Whenever I’m asked what the secret recipe is for a successful website, my answer inevitably comes back to the same point: good content sells. Blogs offer curated information that improves organic SEO and garners credibility. Regardless of a website’s budget, people will only return if provided something of value.

As a blog reader, you are likely already familiar with these concepts; but as a website enthusiast, I feel the message bears repeating.Whether it’s helpful information or an entertaining opinion, people need a reason to revisit your page. Blogs that offer a consistent tone and publishing frequency welcome readership and establish trust.

My background is in design, but I strive to help companies tell their stories better. Any business that connects with consumers in a personable way is bound for success. I say this with one caveat; they have to deliver on the promises they make.

I believe any company can benefit from a well executed blog. And bloggers can only improve by familiarizing themselves with the posts of others.

Ricky Shetty’s upcoming Blog Mastery Conference is a great opportunity for anyone with an invested interest to hear from some of the best in the biz. Connecting with a community, branding, messaging, marketing, and monetization are just some of the topics to be covered. Panels on photography, podcasting and web design (my personal favourite!) are sure to deliver a ton of takeaways.

There is an art to communicating online. Just because someone claims they can do it, it doesn’t mean they do it well. True artisans are constantly striving to improve.

I’ll see you this Saturday at the BCIT campus downtown in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Get Your Blogging Black Belt


Forge and Smith

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