Quality Assurance | Services | Forge and Smith, Vancouver

Quality assurance, usually referred to as QA, is one of the hallmarks of a good artisan - that they pause at each step of the process to ensure that the fit is true, the pieces function as expected, and that the quality is consistent with the vision.

"Crafted websites for intelligent businesses". It's our slogan and our motto for good reason: we're digital artisans. Each of the sites we build goes through a thorough review before it goes live, and all of our processes leading up to launch are designed to streamline QA.

By mapping your content to a prototype before starting to design, you're able to see the structure and navigation before the content is populated. This allows us to build-out functionality and measure its effect. This also helps us know what to test to make sure the completed project matches your vision.

QA is about measuring up to a level of craftsmanship in line with your business' vision and goals.

The beauty and functionality assured by good QA goes more than skin-deep; on the back-end we constantly verify and tweak the usability.

During QA our designers check every possible aspect of the finished site project to ensure it looks, feels, and functions exactly like the design that was approved. We test the site on numerous devices for responsiveness, to make sure all elements appear correctly on different sized screens.

We also check link accessibility, test navigation menus, make sure fine design details like bullets and categories are stylized, and much more.

What good QA does is verify that your audience’s intended visitors will have the best possible user experience on your website – before it launches.