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Content strategy isn't about the fine details of each individual blog post, YouTube video, or tweet that your brand produces. It's about planning and managing website content as a strategic business asset across your whole organization.

Effective content strategy considers all the uses and permutations of the content you will create and structures the approach, making it repeatable. Good strategy asks how content will be shared, how it can be changed to fulfill different needs, and how it will be managed throughout its lifecycle including sunsetting (how and when it will be retired).

In the same way your site map and content prototypes inform design, content strategy informs and structures your content marketing.

Let’s take a business example: If content marketing is the topic of conversation at a seminar and the specific slides to be shared, content strategy is the framework of rules and plans for who hosts the debates, the order of speakers, the schedule of sessions, how feedback is collected and discussed, what not to talk about, how to keep things moving, and how the seminar’s success is measured.

The objective of good content strategy is to get the right content to the right user at the right time, and curating content that creates solves pain points and drives value. It’s about acquisition, retention, and loyalty, and it’s not limited to the written word.

Content strategy needs as much attention as human resources, information technology, and marketing. However, not every business can afford the time or budget to dedicate a person or team to this role. That’s where we can help.

Our partners benefit from our the two types of strategic guidance relationships we foster: coach or partner. The deciding factor is often how much time and effort is needed to get your digital presence performing successfully, and how much time your brand has to dedicate to it.

Some of our partners start with us as a coach and later ask us to take an active hand in content creation as their needs grow. Others looked to us for guidance while getting started, but now have built up enough momentum to drive the bus themselves.

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