What is Customer Experience? UX Meets CX

May 5, 2016
By Damian Jolley

Customer experience is the latest buzzword in the business world. But what is customer experience, and how does it relate to your website?

We’ve previously broken down the relationship that is User Experience vs. User Interface, and how the two relate. Now, let’s look at how user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) work together in web design.

Customer experience is the sum of all possible interactions between your business and a customer. It involves interactions at any and every level – from the obvious like print ads, Facebook posts, and business cards, right though to the details like the style of help desk hold music or the way your brick-and-mortar location is decorated.

As you can see, CX actually encircles UX.

Venn Diagram showing User Experience (UX) inside Customer Experience (CX)

Why customer experience?

It’s about bringing together every touch point to create consistent, thought-out interactions with your brand. It’s becoming more and more important at every level, from small businesses to enterprise brands. CX isn’t really a new concept, but now it has a designation (and a hashtag) — you’ve probably considered the CX for your business already.

Customers all have an endless amount of information at their fingertips these days, and it has changed habits of consuming and purchasing. Finding another service, doing business remotely, or purchasing overseas are no longer barriers — and all just a few taps away.

Each and every interaction with your business is a decision point. Creating memorable, effortless, and delightful experiences from end-to-end for your customers will help differentiate your business — that’s where your CX comes in. Your website for is a major service point that can make or break that overall experience.

CX design obviously takes a customer-first approach. The needs of the customer at each interaction point are considered, with the goal being to create a unified experience between all of your assets.


Aligning CX with UX design

Customer experience takes a broad big picture view, where user experience (UX) is specialized and focused. UX is concerned with the interactions with your website (or app, or product).

A good process for planning and building a website has a solid foundation of UX — and hence CX.

We start every web design project with an evolved and finely-tuned kick-off process. This includes a content audit, business discovery, and brand discovery.

The kick-off process ensures we understand your business before we begin, so that the experience is tailored to customer needs. This allows us to craft purpose-built user experiences for every client.

UX and CX should share similar goals and work in harmony.

CX in digital strategy and beyond

Once your website is built, the work has only begun. Each interaction your audience has with your website and other digital assets – social media profiles, e-books, white papers – is another piece of your CX.

A strategy for your digital presence continues to support the customer experience. Voice and tone, copywriting, analytics, content marketing, quality photography and graphics, and social media marketing just some of the many ways businesses need to stay on top of their overall experience.

The key to retaining loyal customers and attracting new ones (and to turning online visitors into paying customers) is a consistent, high-quality customer experience from beginning to end.


Make sure that wherever your customers find you, it’s the best representation of your brand.

Is your website welcoming customers in, or driving them away? If you’re worried about the experience your site might be providing, we’re here to help! Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve helped other businesses improve their digital presences, or reach out and ask us a question.

Damian Jolley

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