SVG Files Enhance Web System Performance

February 7, 2014
By Forge and Smith

We’re constantly exploring new ways to design and deliver truly flexible web presence. As we deepen our experience of flat design to make modern, screen-agnostic web systems, we style and script SVG files for more resolution-independent online graphics.

Scalable vector graphics (SVG) allow my team to create clean, precise and dynamic graphics and graphical applications for logos, illustrations, backgrounds, icons and type. Why? Its XML-powered file format is supported by all modern browsers. This lets my team render content that reaches your visitors without unsightly compatibility issues.

What can our use of SVG mean to you and your website redesign? SVG is easier to see on any device, which means it’s the preferred way to build responsive web systems. Your visitors see crisper icons, vivid colour schemes and effortless animation. recently switched its icons to SVG for its built-in responsiveness.

The easy choice web design and development teams face is using PNG/RAV files to create often dull, lossy icons vs. using SVG files to create sharp, smooth images for any-sized HD screen. The greatest benefit of styling and scripting SVG files over PNG/ RAW is the sharp, smooth quality that does not deteriorate from desktops to tablets to smartphones. Each and every screen size displays the best graphics possible.

In addition to cross-browser support and built-in responsiveness, SVG can help us decrease HTTP requests. This means we can cut the bandwidth down enough to ensure quicker-loading sections with less delay trying to download backgrounds, icons, fonts and even animations. A faster load time means more user-friendly experiences.

This is just one more piece of the puzzle in creating a robust, dynamic and flexible web system for your business online. As you set out to design and develop responsive web presence, consider the simple, accessible, SEO-friendly and extendable SVG file format for your logo, street maps, graphs, complex interfaces and even simple online games.

To learn how SVG will future-proof your web system, contact our web design agency today.

Forge and Smith

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