Web Design and Development Case Study for Zafin | Forge and Smith, Vancouver
About The Organization

Zafin designs and builds award-winning relationship banking software solutions to financial service providers worldwide. They operate fourteen offices in nine countries, in seven different time zones. They're industry leaders, and they needed a website that uplifted, enhanced, and supported their digital strategy and marketing efforts.

We've since worked with them to expand their site structure to include a content hub, additional resources, support options, and feature callouts to highlight and amplify new content.

  • Increase brand equity and online reach by focusing on solid content additions and user engagement
  • Reorganize and expand current content presentation for enhanced search and browse-ability
  • Grow social engagement and nurture resulting referral traffic
  • Implement robust landing pages for both the Resources and Support areas including integrated videos
  • Organic Search

    + --% Year over Year
  • Social Referrals

    + --% Year over Year
  • Mobile Visitors

    + --% Year over Year

Phase 1


Part of redesigning and re-organizing Zafin’s site incorporated identifying what content they wanted to be able to present to their clients and visitors, and how that content would be formatted.

We worked with them to produce a UX prototype that presented a more intuitive layout and navigation path through their site, bringing the content offerings into a central hub (called “Relationship Banker”), while making support and other resources easier to reach.

We created content prototypes to make populating the new content areas much simpler. The content population process makes creating content structured, straight-forward, and quicker to import, saving time while maintaining creative integrity.

Phase 2

Style Concepts

The design for Zafin's new homepage spotlights content, with a look and feel that centres on angular shapes and a trendy, tech-influenced colour scheme. Callouts that feature the current issue of Relationship Banker, product focus articles, and news bring together content from different areas of the new layout to increase engagement. This is supported by a use of intuitive and clean icons, with clear calls to action.

style concepts

Phase 3

Bringing It All Together

The completed project is a site which entices users to be engaged, enthralled, and entertained. Embedded videos call out new product features and upcoming releases, new issues of Relationship banker address the industry's latest news, and clients can find support and advisory services more easily than ever.

project image