Web Design and Development Case Study for SIGnature Recruiting | Forge and Smith, Vancouver
About The Organization

Since 2010, SIGnature Recruiting has been pairing exceptional professionals with short-term contracts and long-term careers in Western Canada's IT industry. SIGnature specializes in matching the right talent with hard-to-place roles.

Their site wasn't wasn't intuitive to navigate, was lacking relevant content, and wasn't telling their brand's story. SIGnature believes that recruiting is both a science and an art, and needed a website that reflected their strategic excellence.

  • Improve overall aesthetic and user experience and to make the site more engaging and professional
  • Improve content strategy and site navigation for better accessibility on mobile devices
  • Improve site conversion of users into contacts and ultimately customers
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to enter an application
  • Dramatically improve SEO performance
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS

Phase 1


The objectives for SIGnature’s new site were to improve user experience by making access to needed information quicker and more intuitive, and to bring job post and search integration into the overall site structure.

They utilize an excellent tool, Bullhorn Reach, to manage job postings and applications, but it wasn’t integrated with their site. Job applicants had to leave their site in order to complete applications.

Phase 2

Style Concepts

What SIGnature needed stylistically was a site that communicated and connected with their audience better, and a refreshed online presence.

We employed the use of oversize hover states, strong typography, and a branded treatment of their photography. Bright colours and a positive use of white space help to make the site feel fresh, clean, and approachable.

style concepts

Phase 3

Bringing It All Together

SIGnature Recruiting provides opportunities to individuals with talent, and talent to employers with openings. Their new site makes getting in touch, getting information, and setting expectations easy, direct, and clear. Applicants can search for, find, and apply for open positions directly in the new site, and learn what benefits they're eligible for when they help place a friend or coworker.

project image