How to Build Your Brand On Instagram: 5 Amazing Tips

Your Instagram marketing strategy should be this: post consistent, quality content that aims to build your brand while also connecting with individuals. Plan ahead to post at least once a day and carve out time to engage with accounts that aren’t following you, as well as those that already are. Organic growth comes from quality photos, captions that reflect your brand voice, and consistently providing value to your followers.

Build your brand on Instagram with our 5 amazing tips!

Know thyself (find your niche)

What is your brand’s main purpose with Instagram? Make sure your bio is clear but also reflects your brand voice (inject some personality in there!)

If you’re having trouble crafting the perfect bio, check out How to Write Good Instagram Bios to Make an Impression from Later, their blog looks awesome doesn’t it 😉

Make use of Influencer outreach

There is immense power in one-on-one interactions and connections. You need to search for influencer accounts that you want to promote your brand. You have to then trust them to reflect your company, but also put their own twist on the promotion.

It’s very easy for fans to tell when an influencer is doing a “promoted post” for the money versus their true passion for the product. Influencers with less than 10k followers tend to be fine with a product exchange or having your business promote their account in return. Above that and they may request pay.

Make a list of who you want talking about your brand and sharing your story, and then begin engaging with them by liking and commenting on their photos before reaching out with your request.

Invest in high-quality content

Instagram is a visual platform and should be treated as such. Work with photographers or curate user-generated content through a branded hashtag. Using iPhone-only photos to sell your product on social media is a thing of the past. So are staged product photos on a white backdrop.

Focus on producing “organic” looking content that shows your product being used in its truest form. Also, begin to look at your Instagram page as a whole, not just on a post-by-post basis. Use a consistent filter so your photos complement one another on your grid.

Run contests and giveaways

Contests are a great way to increase engagement and build your following. Here are a few common contest mechanics:

  • Photo sharing contest: In these types of contests, you ask your followers to share a photo using a selected hashtag (so you can discover and keep track of all entries). These contests tend to have a set theme or guidelines for users to follow.
  • Comments contents: With this contest, you ask your followers to comment on your post to enter. You can also encourage users to tag a friend in the comments, which can help to increase the virality of the post and draw new accounts to your page.
  • Likes contest: Use this only if you have a low number of followers, as calculating thousands of likes can be tiresome. Make sure to go to each account that liked your photo and engage with them. This will likely instigate a follow.

Repost content from other accounts

Reposting is an incredibly effective way to grow your Instagram following. You might not always have the time, resources, or creativity to constantly think of new posts. So let someone else who loves your product do it for you!

When accounts see that you are willing to repost content, they will be enticed to tag you and use your hashtag in hopes that you will highlight them. Always, always give credit where credit is due.


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