Indispensability of Responsive Web Design and Development

March 4, 2014
By Forge and Smith

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Did you know that 40% of visitors abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load (Source: Econsultancy). Imagine what they’ll do when your content doesn’t fit the screen.

There are more than 232 screen sizes in use today, and 91% of Internet users are within arm’s reach of their phones 24/7. It’s no question that as mobile web browsing increases, designing and developing a responsive website is no longer an option — it’s a necessity.

At Forge and Smith, we only build responsive web systems.

Responsive website design and development will soon be the industry standard, because it delivers a consistent experience to your visitors across all desktop, tablet, mobile, and micro-view platforms. This helps you maintain brand identity, design attributes and, most importantly, optimal functionality with breakpoints that give you control in the rapidly evolving world of flexible design and development.

At the forefront of responsive web design and development is increasing mobile e-commerce activity. Audiences spent $38.8 billion in mobile e-commerce sales last year (Source: Monetate). That number is on the rise. If you don’t have a mobile e-commerce strategy, you could be missing out on nearly a third of your customer base, since 28% of Americans now prefer to use mobile phones to shop their favourite stores online.

Not only do responsive sites offer seamless presentation from desktop to mobile device, they also tend to top mobile searches. In fact, Google considers m.sites (code for website display on mobile) when returning searches initiated on smartphones. If your website is mobile and your competitor’s is not, you have a better chance of appearing in search.

What does it take to join the 22% of your competitors who have already launched responsive sites? A website redesign.

Responsive design and development can cost more up front, but the longterm payoff of being able to compete for mobile-generated revenue — without having to upgrade your site every two years to adapt to new devices — is tremendous. Developing responsive assets for your business is hands-down the best way to prepare your business for the steady increase in mobile web traffic.

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