What Digital Marketing did for Forge and Smith

November 5, 2014
By Forge and Smith

We talk the talk, but can we walk the walk? We decided to put our process to the test, on our renovation of the Forge and Smith website.

The results were off the charts. Check it out:

Screenshot 2014-10-23 11.29.26

+2,150% increase in goal completions
+673% increase in new visitors
+558% increase in social referrals

Yeah, we had to take a double-take too.

Our new site was redesigned around a better user experience. Our old site seemed to suffice as a quick overview of what we’re all about, but it didn’t really speak to how we work with our clients, the results from sites we design, or even who we are as a team and a web design agency.

After having taken our own “medicine” — exactly what we prescribe and implement for our clients through our process and digital marketing strategy — we can confidently say we drive undeniably powerful results for our clients.

While it looks like we just did a redesign of our site, we actually executed a digital strategy tailored for Forge and Smith. We recently shared a high-level view of simple marketing engagement initiatives with BC Business. Here’s the skinny on those tips with and how we create digital marketing plans to drive search results, just like we did for our site:

  1. Be content-conscious. To keep your site fresh and interesting, update it regularly. Add at least 500 words per month in the form of a press release, blog post, case study. This can have a big impact on search results.
  2. Stay social. Shareable content helps others to engage with your site and link back for more, which allows your business to be fully indexed by search engines. Plus, you get the chance to establish a trust relationship with your audience by sharing your subject matter expertise.
  3. Mobile first. Most users access the web from mobile devices, and a responsive site helps you capture all web traffic — and deliver a seamless experience regardless of device.
  4. Build credibility. Case studies and testimonials build trust and act as credible examples of your work, while creating citable content.
  5. Code matters. From the foundation up, creating a sound structure with clear code improves search results.

If you have any questions on how to optimize your site or how to create a digital marketing strategy that works, we’d love to hear from you.

Forge and Smith

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