4 Post-Launch Concerns You Shouldn’t Lose Sleep Over

March 30, 2015
By Forge and Smith

You’ve just bought a brand new vehicle and you’re about to drive it off the lot. You’re stoked about your new wheels, and can’t wait to show it off. Keeping that vehicle in the best possible condition will be a priority in the days, weeks, and years ahead.

The same is true for your business website.

As WordPress developers, we equate passing over a finished website to handing off a new set of car keys. It’s an exciting part of the process. For clients, they are on the verge of elevating their business to the next level. For developers, it’s the culmination of a lot of hard work.

In our experience, we’ve observed that there are four questions that typically arise in the days surrounding a new or website redesign launch.

Back-up Website redesign

1. Can we back up a copy of our website?

Yes, and you should — just like you should have car insurance. Our web design agency recommends a third party subscription service such as VaultPress (their parent company also owns WordPress). It’s great insurance.

Website functionality and design testing

2. What happens if I change my mind about the website’s functionality and design?

Our company’s process encourages client participation from end to end, and progression corresponds directly to approvals. Just like adding features to new car, such as enhanced audio/visuals or the ability for kiddos to watch movies in the back seat — what you want and need out of your website can change.

The great thing about WordPress websites is that they’re flexible and easy to build upon, which means you can make changes to your website at any time post-launch. Just be aware that some types of changes, like integrating marketing software or changing the entire website’s copy styling might require hiring a developer to complete and run up additional budget.

Maintainenance for WordPress websites

3. Should we allow updates to our website?

Yes. Your car needs routine maintenance to keep running smoothly, and so does your website. Not only do updates improve performance, but they also cover security.

In the dashboard of your WordPress site, you will sometimes be prompted to update your plugins. It’s as easy as the click of a button. Updates improve performance, add new features and enhance the security of your site.

When it comes to custom websites, some clients worry that an update may alter the site’s stability. In certain cases, this can be a legitimate concern. Not all updates are fully tested, and some do have bugs. But if your website is backed up, you needn’t worry — any unwanted alterations can be nullified. You can always ask the developer or agency who built your site if the suggested update is tested and safe before executing it.

Security for WordPress websites
4. Does my website require additional security?

Not necessarily. Like additional insurance coverage, more security is great but not everyone has the budget — basic coverage can be sufficient. What additional security you might need often depends on the nature of your business and the data you collect.

We recommend checking with your chosen web-hosting provider first, as they may already offer you some form of security. Backup services like VaultPress also offer packages with security features built in. As long as your website is backed up, your investment is protected. For businesses dealing with high volumes of eCommerce traffic, we recommend employing a third-party-service such as Sucuri for additional peace of mind.

Using WordPress is all about empowering self-sufficiency, something our team fully endorses. We’re here to make sure you get the maximum value from your new site. Reputable web design companies will never leave you in the lurch. Our job is to offer advice, implement your requests, and most importantly, to listen to your concerns. WordPress is the ideal showcase for intelligent businesses because it boasts a large community for technical support.

If you have any questions about our work processes, post-launch concerns, or the many benefits of working with WordPress, visit our team online.

Forge and Smith

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