FEV Tutor Website Case Study - Forge and Smith
About The Organization

Empowering 21st century youth with the ability to learn in their preferred style, FEV Tutor helps students in K-12 courses by providing personalized online instruction. Pre-diagnostic assessments and data collected from the pupil’s teacher, school, and family allow for customized academic support. Their teaching boosts grades and confidence in the areas of math, science, and English language arts.

  • Organize content to make it highly accessible for students, school administrators, educators, and parents
  • Create a visually appealing online presence showcasing their extensive range of educational services
  • Provide greater device accessibility through responsive web design
  • Enhance landing pages and log in entry points
  • Improve organic SEO search results, and boost overall conversion

Phase 1


Providing collaborative support for academic institutions and families, the website’s messaging had to clearly define the unique benefits of using a live virtual service. We embedded their tech team’s HTML login form, providing familiar access for clients. We integrated FEV Tutor’s existing shopping cart, and strategized a path with calls-to-action for purchasing additional tutoring hours. Our UX strategy had to support a client base with three distinct groups: students enrolled through schools, educators, and private students.

Phase 2

Style Concepts

Cohesive messaging depends on a strong visual thread. We applied a vivid colour palette and softened the tones. Our aim was to brighten the pages without overpowering the content. We peppered the site with clear icons and prompts, inviting visitors to explore the site in a systematic, natural manner. We housed their curated content in a stylish, non-obtrusive way.

style concepts

Phase 3

Bringing It All Together

Platform usability was key for prospective clients and returning students alike. Administrators needed a portal that could properly monitor student progress. FEV Tutor required a system for tracking leads. In all respects, we delivered. Our team developed a number of functionality pieces including a fullscreen navigation menu, sticky header, integrated third-party login, and form integration with a third-party app. With the right look, content, and functionality in place, we ensured the new site would perform as planned across all browsers. Once tested, we handled the site’s migration and prepped it for launch. We’re proud to report that class is now in session.

project image