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About The Organization

Buyatab is a leading supplier of an advanced online gift card infrastructure, technology, and marketing services for leading brands. They are a global company that is recognized for their solution and design flexibility, focus on client brand standards, high-quality customer support, and fraud protection.

  • Restructure information architecture to better connect their distinct audiences with gift card solutions relevant to their goals and requirements
  • Improve lateral navigation, connecting solutions to relevant case studies to drive engagement in content, reinforce success stories and build towards conversions
  • Enhance storytelling experience to convey values, culture, and improve recruitment with a brand new careers section
  • Implement a brand new blog to amplify their content and engage their audience

Phase 1


When it comes to their website’s visitors, Buyatab has several distinct audiences, each with their own goals and requirements. So, for the website redesign we applied the bulk of our focus to information architecture, creating a smooth user experience for each audience, and connecting each of them to relevant gift card solutions based on their individual goals and requirements.

We also harnessed the power of targeted storytelling to drive conversions and engage visitors by connecting solutions to relevant case studies, creating a blog platform on which to share expertise, news, and trends, and reinforcing success stories through case studies. A brand new “Careers” section includes an easy-to-use application process to attract new talent.


Phase 2

Style Concepts

From a style perspective, it was important to Buyatab that we strike a balance between fun and dynamic and serious and professional. For this reason, we chose to apply a familiar, corporate-feeling blue and grey palette, contrasted against wood grains and greenery. We also added some animation, which adds to the fun and dynamic vibe of the site, especially for mobile users. Finally, we included lots of images that show the purchasing process in action via various devices (especially mobile phones), to communicate the ease of the process.

style concepts

Phase 3

Bringing it all together

If you're a business looking to move your gift card program online, Buyatab's new website certainly helps make the process as painless and accessible as possible. Confidence and trust in their brand is enhanced through improved lateral navigation and digital storytellying. Just take one look at their blog and you'll know you've arrived at the home of the world's expert on gift cards.

project image