How & Why You Should Be Building Your Email List

Nearly every person in the world has an email address, and every day, those people check their inboxes (often multiple times). If you’ve been avoiding building your email list, it’s time to face the facts: email isn’t going anywhere. If you’re feeling clueless about email lists and whether or not starting your own is worth the effort, here are a few considerations.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Building an Email List

You own it

With an email list, your message is delivered straight to your readers. You don’t need anyone’s permission. While Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Pinterest are great mediums, you don’t own them. They could easily flip a switch and change everything, making it more difficult (or costly) to get your message seen by the right people.

Email subscribers are loyal customers

Think about it: they are interested enough in what your business is doing that they want updates delivered right to their inbox. If you intend to sell products or services then you need an email list.

It’s an easy way to keep in touch

What a perfect way to share big announcements, product launches, or changes to your business! Not everyone will check your company’s social media or blog everyday. But what will they do? You got it: check their email.

How to quickly build and grow an email list

By now you might have decided that building an email list is important. But how do you get started?

Create compelling content

Your content needs to consistently engage your subscribers if you want them to actually open your email, read it, and forward it to people on their mailing list. Start emailing your list something new once a week. Start with a short message or article and keep your content relevant to your audience’s interests.

Promote your business through a contest

Try hosting a giveaway through your newsletter and have entrants submit using their email address. This is also a great opportunity to promote the contest through your social media.

Create a signup form on your website

Make sure your website has an opt-in form that is user-friendly, concise, and easy to find.

Reinvigorate a stale mail list

Send an opt-in message to your old list encouraging them to re-opt-in and remove all contacts who don’t respond. This way, your mailing list will stay fresh with quality leads only.