• Improve brand equity and online value for donors and partners alike
  • Improve overall content strategy and user experience and to make the site more engaging and easy to navigate
  • Dramatically improve the usability, searchability and browseability of overall site content to encourage return visits and drive value for users
  • Provide greater device accessibility through mobile-optimized responsive design
  • Improve searchability, browseability, and filtering of the Service/Program catalogue for great accessibility
  • Implement success stories to help build trust and credibility
  • Grow social engagement and incorporate an embedded social feed
Phase 1


The Food Bank provides invaluable services for families throughout Greater Vancouver. For many Vancouverites the Food Bank means the difference between starvation or malnourishment and an amenable quality of life. British Columbia also has the highest child poverty rate in Canada, with one-in-five children considered statistically poor; children are direct beneficiaries of food banks.

Making sure that visitors to the site could access the most crucial services quickly and easily was the primary focus when laying out the site. Whether someone wants to donate funds or food, volunteer their time, or find help when it’s needed – it has to be easy to get to. We worked with GVFB to reorganize and prioritize their existing content in order to drive traffic to their site, and present it in a way that makes it easier for viewers to engage directly.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

Success for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank's website is measured in the impact for the families and individuals it helps. As such, the emphasis for the look and feel has to be people-focused and able to foster the spirit of giving. Images of active projects, like sustainable food initiatives and food donations, show people interacting and helping one another. Whether donating food or looking to volunteer, the engaging online experience reflects their brand and their people.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing It All Together

We didn't want the Food Bank's mission getting lost amid communicating everything they're involved in doing, because they do a lot. We designed a site that emphasized giving and ease of access, with a sophisticated lack of complexity. Everything is accessible from their homepage, with high-level summaries of their services, upcoming event highlights, and opportunities to give.

Strong calls to action give visitors the opportunity to dig deep and learn more about the ways they can contribute, volunteer their time, and do more to help out in their communities. Viewers can drill into each of their services, catch up on news from the Food Bank, and get involved as individuals, families, or corporate teams wanting to lend a hand.