10 Free Digital Marketing Courses to Boost Your Business

August 19, 2016
By Forge and Smith

This post was updated on April 22nd, 2020.

The end of summer means school is back in session. September is all about new beginnings, education, and self-improvement. It’s the perfect time to go back to school and learn new ways to boost your business using digital marketing techniques.

Whether you’re just getting started in digital marketing strategies, or looking to expand your existing skillset, you’re in luck. We’ve put together this list of 10 free courses and guides that will help you learn the ropes.

10 free digital marketing courses

Four courses to get started in digital marketing

Google Digital Garage

This course holds almost all the answers. Digital Garage was developed by Google to help us better understand the complex world of digital marketing. It will help you take advantage of the online market by learning skills and techniques to increase growth. It’s self-paced and free, so really there’s no downside. Test it out and see what you can learn. Here is an overview of the classes they offer.

Hubspot’s inbound marketing courses

Hubspot understands the principles behind building a brand and creating high-conversion content. This course catalogue is full of all the components your digital strategy needs, like SEO, email marketing, and more. Hubspot is a trusted platform for attracting and nurturing clients, and these courses will teach you how to do just that.

Introduction to SEO for Businesses

Now that you understand inbound marketing and how it can work for you business, it’s time to dive into the heart of SEO. This 90-minute class shares actionable insights and tactics for optimizing your content, and organically growing your online presence. Learn how to create an effective SEO strategy, the fundamentals of content optimization, and how to audit your site to make sure things are doing what they are supposed to do. This is how to help your content grow.

Getting Started with Email Marketing

Email has the highest reported ROI of any form of marketing. Who better to teach you about how to get started with email marketing than MailChimp? Learn how to craft an email marketing strategy for your business. This course walks you through how to convey your message, when to send it, and how often. Whether you’re kicking off a new campaign or looking to revamp your old strategy, start here.

Four courses to level-up your social media

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media for Businesses

Putting time and resources into social media without a plan is bad for business. If you’re new to social media and have no idea what to share, or have an existing social strategy that needs a kick in the pants, this guide is for you. It’s created by the digital experts at Moz, and designed to help you understand your audience, your goals, and more.

Business for Twitter

If Twitter is where your target audience is spending time, this course is perfect. In just under 40 minutes Sandra Vega, the voice of @TwitterSmallBiz and Twitter’s own Marketing Manager, helps you understand how leveraging Twitter can organically grow your business. This class will help you get started, grow your following, teach you when to tweet, and how to measure your results.

Complete Guide to Instagram Marketing

If Instagram is your platform of choice, you’ve got some big competition. With over 95 million photos and videos being shared daily, how can you stand out? Buffer walks you through an in-depth guide to how your business can compete with all the content on Instagram, and successfully grow your brand.

The Always-Updated Guide to Facebook Advertising

With hard-to-understand algorithm updates nearly every month (it seems), embrace the pay-to-play side of Facebook. Buffer has created an amazing guide that’s constantly updated with everything you need to know about advertising on Facebook. It’s designed to show you the ins and outs, from creating an ad to analyzing its success. If you are looking for additional information, check out Facebook’s own Blueprint, where you can explore 50 modules of classes.

Two courses to leverage Google data and ads

Google Analytics for Beginners

Now that you understand the basics of digital marketing, it time to analyze your efforts. We think Google Analytics is extremely interesting, beneficial to business, and it’s so rewarding when you know how to properly analyze your own data. Get certified from Google by taking their introductory course to analytics.

Google Academy for Ads

Digital advertising allows you to show your ads to the people who are most likely to be interested in your products and services, while filtering out folks who aren’t. Using Google’s paid search ads, you can create, test, update, and improve your own ads and get recommendations right within the dashboard. This course will get you started with Google ads.


There you have it: 10 free digital marketing courses and guides to build your skills and help you grow your business. Do you have a favourite class that didn’t make the list? Share it with us! Tweet @forgeandsmith.

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