Web Development Team | Forge and Smith Vancouver Web Design

Meet our crack squad of savvy, motivated websmiths, all ambitiously working to fix the Internet, one website at a time. We craft digital experiences for small business, global brands and everything in-between.


Shawn Johnston

Master Websmith

A 20 year survivor of the design industry, Shawn is the Founder and Principal of Forge and Smith as well as the strategy lead on all projects.



Tess Good

UX Designer

Our information architecture superstar turned to UX design for a more creative challenge after beginning her career in business operations and marketing. Share a coffee with the delightful Tess and she might just reveal secret designs for her future cabin in the woods.



Troy Kelly

Theme Developer

Troy coins himself a ‘Michelangelo’ of sorts, particularly when it comes to styling sites. When he’s not building WordPress sites, he’s waxing his board and expanding his small business of crafting Puka shell necklaces.



Jennifer Bui

Content Marketing & SEO Strategist

Google, content, marketing, blogging and strategy are Jennifer’s best friends. Did you know she also has a background in design? She is pretty much unstoppable… Except for her only weakness: French fries.