Web Development Team | Forge and Smith Vancouver Web Design

Meet our crack squad of savvy, motivated websmiths, all ambitiously working to fix the Internet, one website at a time. We craft digital experiences for small business, global brands and everything in-between.


Shawn Johnston

Master Websmith

A 21 year survivor of the design industry, Shawn is the Founder and Principal of Forge and Smith. He plays a variety of roles from client rep to sales person, project manager to chief bottle washer.



Tess Good

UX Designer

Our information architecture superstar turned to UX design for a more creative challenge after beginning her career in business operations and marketing. Share a coffee with the delightful Tess and she might just reveal secret designs for her future cabin in the woods.



Shiela Morfe

Theme Developer

When Shelia isn’t coding, styling or building websites, she can be found happily napping or snacking. Not only does she have tech side down but she is also an incredibly talented artist. So really she can do it all.


Jennifer Bui

Content Marketing & SEO Strategist

Google, content, marketing, blogging and strategy are Jennifer’s best friends. Did you know she also has a background in design? She is pretty much unstoppable… Except for her only weakness: French fries.



Troy Kelly

Operations Manager

Troy coins himself a jack-of-all-trades, particularly when it comes managing all the parts that make up a website. When he’s not rocking WordPress sites, he’s waxing his board and expanding his small business of crafting Puka shell necklaces.



Lara Hughes

UX Designer

With a background in visual and UI design, Lara approaches projects with a holistic perspective to create engaging experiences that bring businesses and their communities closer together. When not telling dad jokes, she will be often be found in the kitchen or hiking the local mountains.



Oliver Stahl

Web Designer

Oliver does UI, UX, HTML & CSS, a little bit of animation and a bit more of prototyping, so pretty much everything. Adding to that, he also has bronze medal from European Championship in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So you better watch out.