Website Speed Optimization - Services - Forge and Smith, Vancouver

Speed optimization refers to how quickly or slowly a webpage loads in a browser. It seems pretty simple, but it has a huge impact on user experience.

We've all visited a site that took too long to load, became fed up, and left before we've found what we wanted. This frustration is compounded when a site loads differently at home versus on a mobile device.

People expect websites to be snappy, and with increasingly connected mobile lifestyles they expect them to be snappy on every conceivable device.

Speed optimization reduces bounce rate, and better speed scores help with a site's overall rankings, particularly on mobile.

Fast page loads are a big part of a positive user experience. They amplify visitor engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

If a user visits a page and quickly and easily finds what they’re looking for quickly, navigating speedily to other content as inspiration strikes, they’re much more likely to return to your website.

Making this ideal a reality requires a strong digital strategy that covers a lot of factors.

The size and resolution of images used on each page, from blogs to services, and in your overall site design, impact load time. Other important areas to consider are the simplicity and utility of your layout and UX design, the integration of your E-commerce, and customizations that you’ve added to your WordPress design.

When Yahoo launched in 1994 there were just under 2,800 websites on the internet. Today there are over a billion. Climbing page rankings in search is a game of inches, won by having fast, responsive pages, solid SEO, and strong goals rooted in concrete digital strategy.