Mobile Accessibility | Services | Forge and Smith, Vancouver

Mobile-friendly sites - those that can be viewed on a cell phone or tablet regardless of screen size - show up first in Google search results. This is a direct indication of how important it is that business websites can keep up with the ever-evolving ways people access information.

Mobile accessibility is the future: more and more, this is where your audience is looking for you. This is about load times, efficient user experience, and content strategy that translates to horizontal and vertical screens.

It's also critical for social referrals; your audience is using social media on devices, so click-through has to be perfect. More than 60% of web traffic in 2016 will be mobile, making a responsive first point of contact crucial to a site's success.

Building mobile-friendly sites requires prioritizing a visitor's optimal user experience at all stages of design, regardless of what type of device they might use.

How will your audience interact with the feel of the site? Are the menus easy to navigate with your thumbs?

Thinking about your UX in this way can significantly inform your content; whether you’re targeting the busy professional needing information between meetings or the restless parent trying to find answers while the baby’s crying at three a.m.

If a website’s experience is seamless between desktop and mobile, it has a much higher chance of creating return visitors and building loyal followers.

A mobile-friendly site is also more cost-effective and easier to manage. When the technical needs of all devices are met through flexible, responsive web design, you don’t have to spend additional time on development to build both a mobile- and a desktop-friendly site. It just works.

There’s no need to maintain two separate web addresses, or manage and administrate two channels of content creation and design. Responsive web design enhances SEO by funnelling all potential visitors to your site on any device – even ones that don’t yet exist.


All of the sites we build are quality-tested on multiple devices to ensure the ideal user experience for your business carries over from one device to the next.