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Information architecture is the logical gathering and ordering of website content into a usable and searchable site structure.

The thorough process of examining your brand's content, what you and have what's missing to fulfill a solid digital architecture, and filling in the holes before we build your site, is what sets Forge and Smith from the competition.

A logical site structure focused on usability and findability will guarantee users can find and engage with your content.

Analyzing your content before a build or redesign is like looking at all of the belongings in a home before a big move.

Some of those belongings are essential, and will get packed up into labeled boxes and moved. Some of them are just dead weight that no one has used in years, and will be thrown out. And there will be things that you need to acquire before the move, such as a winter wardrobe if you’re relocating from Arizona to Alaska.

Visitors to your site should feel like they know where things are, and can complete the tasks they are there to accomplish, without having to think about it.

Once all of the necessary content is itemized, it’s time to put it in order and build. The outcome is a sitemap, which illustrates the organization and how different content blocks appear and are linked together.

This helps clearly define where your content will live, exploring not only the location but also how each part of the site supports overall project goals, and how users can accomplish tasks within the site.

Your site structure should focus on the goal of your website, making the content accessible and logically organized for both your internal users and your audience. Integrating the purpose behind task-oriented, utility-based content into the structure from the beginning is information architecture done right.