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E-commerce is no longer just about adding an online storefront and its extra revenue stream. Today's e-commerce is about creating a direct-to-customer avenue, and it's a path that many businesses are taking to success.

E-commerce is the method of purchasing goods and services online. Over 40% of global users have made an online purchase, with international e-commerce sales in 2015 totalling over 1.7 trillion dollars. Social commerce is also increasing through platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, it's easy to see that there's much benefit to be gained from having an effective, successful e-commerce store.

Our e-commerce platform enables businesses to put together high-quality tailored shopping experiences without the cost of a custom store.

We use WooCommerce, a powerful WordPress plugin, to help our partners to place their products and services directly in front of customers. This tool is flexible, scaleable and sustainable, and empowers business owners with more control over the way their products are displayed online.

WooCommerce presents the opportunity for everyone from small, craft artisans to established international brands to build an online store, without being forced out of their technical comfort zone.

You can have a fully-functioning storefront housed within a professional site, or integrated with a blog. WooCommerce has vast customization options, a built-in analytics system, and lots of extensions that enhance marketing, payment gateways, and reporting. You can even integrate with UPS and FedEx and set up custom shipping rules.

It’s just one more tool we use to help give you the keys to drive your own digital strategy.

A great example of WooCommerce in action can be seen at SweetGeorgia Yarns. This brand has taken WooCommerce, our site design, and beautiful photography, and paired it with their wealth of products to produce a store that feels much like their personal in-store experience.

You can search and filter intuitively, move seamlessly between shopping and finding advice, and listen to their podcast to find out where your skills can take you next. It’s purpose-built with a plan.