From online retail giant Amazon and its ultra convenient same-day shipping to brick-and-mortar small businesses selling artisan goods on Instagram and Pinterest — e-commerce is rapidly becoming the preferred shopping standard.

With mobile devices overtaking desktop use and voice search changing the way we conduct searches, online shopping is here to stay. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, it’s easy to see the huge conversion power and profit-driving benefit to having an effective e-commerce store.

We use WooCommerce, a powerful WordPress plugin, to help our clients place their products and services directly in front of customers. This tool is flexible, scaleable, and sustainable, and empowers business owners with more control over the retail experience.

A straightforward e-commerce platform enables businesses to put together high-quality tailored shopping experiences without the cost of a custom store. All sizes and types of businesses can establish an online retail presence without too much tech savvy required.

You can have a fully-functioning storefront housed within a professional website, or integrated with a blog. WooCommerce has vast customization options, a built-in analytics system, and lots of extensions that enhance marketing, payment gateways, and reporting. You can even integrate with UPS and FedEx and set up custom shipping rules.

E-commerce websites make it easier for you to get your products into your customers’ hands.

E-commerce in action

We regularly integrate e-commerce functionality into web designs and development for clients, whether it’s moving an existing online store onto WooCommerce, or adding an all-new online storefront to an existing business website.

Visit our case studies to see examples of successful e-commerce websites we’ve crafted.