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The objective of brand design is to establish the tone, look, and feel of your company's presence, everywhere that your customers are finding and engaging with you.

Whether someone visits your website, blog, or any of your social media platforms, there should be a consistent, unified experience throughout their online relationship with you. A good brand design is recognizable, from the colours to the typography.

We present you with a selection of style tiles informed and supported by the UX design of your site, the culture and goals of your business, and your target audience. Style tiles contain the colour palette, sample typography, and focus images that will make up the aesthetic of the experience. It's about translating your story and your identity into visual elements.

“Design can be art.
Design can be aesthetics.
Design is so simple,
that's why it is so complicated”
– Paul Rand

Think of it this way: if you present someone with a field of crimson and say the word “beverage”, there’s a good chance they’ll think of Coca-Cola without ever seeing the logo. The visuals used to create the atmosphere of your brand should translate well from your letterhead to your website and beyond.

Logo design is about identifying your business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon. Sometimes it’s as simple as applying the right typeface to your company or product name. Other times it’s about finding an image that resonates with your audience without text, a keystone that helps pull the brand design together.

Your logo should be memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate.


We can help you interpret the visual elements you’ve got, or the ones that you want, into a custom crafted digital presence.