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People are 70% more likely to buy from brands that they recognize and trust through following them in blogs and on social media. As such, brand positioning is central to content, design, and marketing strategy.

Brand positioning is central to content, design, and marketing strategy. Our process starts with getting-to-know-you conversations to learn about your business and its goals.

There can be no strategy if you don't know who you are and where you're headed. What you offer and how you differ from your competition are crucial to every part of your digital strategy.

Who is your audience, what do they want and need, and how do they want to engage with you?

The way we plan and build your site and the digital strategy surrounding it are all based around what your visitors need to do, and creating the ideal experience for them in which to do it.

We work with you to map and define the boundaries and identity of your brand, so that you can get on with the business of building it.

We can help with brand management support including social media and content recommendations, or work with your marketing team to make sure the brand you’re trying to build finds resonance with the audiences you’re trying to reach.

We also offer brand and logo design, if your business needs help visually capturing the essence of your culture and your story through a new or redesigned image.

Although it sounds complex, positioning your brand doesn’t require a giant marketing budget. A strong website regularly updated with original, high-quality content, and a simple but consistent social media marketing presence are all you need to get started.

Fostering a customer-driven strategy is what will help it grow.