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AdWords is a Google advertising engine that helps businesses drive traffic by promoting their brand when specific words and phrases are searched.

AdWords works on a price-per-click (PPC) model, with the cost determined by your results and always within your budget scope.

Getting a good return on ad spend (ROAS) can be challenging, and most brands running their first AdWords campaigns burn through their budget without seeing any appreciable return. That's where we can help.

Just because people are visiting your site, doesn't mean that those visits are converting into business.

Factors contributing to return on ad spend (ROAS) from AdWords are your market size and share, trust scores, keyword traffic and relevance, website usability, budget, geography, and external factors like season and current affairs.

Mobile-friendly sites are prioritized in Google search results, meaning that if your site isn’t just as functional on a cell phone or tablet as it is on a desktop, you’re likely to lose valuable exposure and traction.

Even when you’ve covered the bases, knowing whether or not your AdWords campaign is performing at peak is difficult without the right analytics and wherewithal to strategize growing the results.

Sure, you spent $1000 on clicks, but how many of those visitors turned into customers? Was it 1-in-90? Is your AdWords campaign 10% effective or 70% effective?

Effective campaigns and SEO also rely on keywords that are meaningful, descriptive, and enticing, and making sure that when someone does click on an ad the experience of landing on your website isn’t a surprise.

AdWords campaign management is just one part of a successful digital strategy that includes brand awareness, brand positioning, and a stellar user experience. Driving visitors to your site does no good if your content, site structure, and site design can’t keep them there by helping them easily find what they want and making what they find engaging.