Web Design and Development Case Study for Wildlife Rescue Association of BC | Forge and Smith, Vancouver
About The Organization

Wildlife Rescue Association of BC (WRA) is a leading organization that rehabilitates and protects the welfare of wildlife in urban environments throughout BC. To continue to thrive online, the organization needed a reimagined web system.

  • Improve the quality of their online experience to better serve their donor community
  • Redesign their donation functionality to increase the amount of online donations received
  • Increase device accessibility through responsive web design
  • Boost organic SEO search results and raise overall conversions
  • page sessions

    --% year over year
  • decreased bounce rate

    --% year over year

Phase 1


Our user experience experts achieved a wireframe format that catalogues WRA’s work and serves as an educational resource, as well as an interactive tool with which they can create awareness and raise funds.

Phase 2

Style Concepts

Using WRA’s well-established brand identity and nature as our style compass, our designer integrated the use of deep blues and the mustard yellow from the logo. Taking feedback from the client, we created a style and layout with tasteful calls to action.

style concepts

Phase 3

Bringing it all together

Our WordPress development team began with a content strategy to quickly identify what they had and drill down to what they needed most of all. We designed and developed a new web system with an easy-to-update gallery to give volunteers better ways to show the animals they serve. We built a new online donation system too, so they now have the right tools to raise money.

project image