Web Design and Development Case Study for Specops Software | Forge and Smith, Vancouver Web Design Company
About The Organization

Specops is an award-winning Swedish software company that provides simple, cost-effective, turnkey desktop management solutions. Their products are ideal for municipalities, businesses and educational institutions wishing to streamline their IT practices. By building on top of Active Directory and Group Policy, they increase the functionality of the Windows infrastructure for multiple organizations.

  • Provide greater device accessibility through Responsive Web Design
  • Create a visually appealing online presence to showcase the many benefits of their products
  • Support social sharing for greater SEO conversion
  • Realign their online brand for improved accessibility
  • Organic Search

    + --% year over year
  • LinkedIn Referrals

    + --% year over year
  • Leads

    + --% year over year

Phase 1


Specops came to Forge and Smith with an outdated site and a desire to improve conversion rates. Our team was tasked with managing lot of information and reshaping it into a user friendly package. The new website had to perform with the same level of functionality as their software. In order to accomplish this, we had to redefine the way products were laid out. What was once segmented and choppy, was eventually smoothed out. Product categories, benefits, special features and related products were re-assembled in a visual hierarchy with prevalent calls to action situated throughout.

Phase 2

Style Concepts

Visually speaking, the old site was comprised of blocks of text, rectangular buttons, squares, and windows for videos. We took their logo with its prominent “O” and applied it as a decorative feature to mix things up. The circular shape was used to highlight the executive team, blog dates, key icons and case study images. Our designers kept the bright look of their existing site but used their corporate green to highlight the selected categories and assorted “Submit” “Read More” and “Sign Up” prompts.

style concepts

Phase 3

Bringing it all Together

Without a designated shop as part of their website, Specops is reliant on customer inquiries to start the sales process. With customer engagement a top priority, our developers added an Olark live chat tab situated in the bottom right-hand corner of each page to answer questions. They also included the Act-On marketing platform, some eCommerce via WooCommerce and landing page integrations to round out a website optimized for conversions. With the right tools now in place, Specops' responsive new website is sure to generate the required sales leads ensuring their continued success.

project image