• Create their online presence and overall digital strategy
  • Build a platform to view inspirational content and make booking inquiries
  • Ensure device accessibility through Responsive Web Design

Prototype Early

Our designers were ecstatic to hear that we would be working on a Safari website. Sikeleli Africa Safaris is a new business that needed a website to give their potential consumer a taste of adventure, enough to coax them from the settings of their current lifestyle. We created a site wireframe to serve as a visually inspiring educational tool for a fully immersive experience.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

Using Sikeleli Safaris new logo as a jumping-off point, as well as deriving inspiration from the Kalahari desert and feedback from the client, we stayed away from primary colours and incorporated muted, natural tones to evoke a rich, earthy flavour. Large stunning visuals are an important way for the client to trigger impulsive, emotive decisions and help their consumer envision what it would be like to fulfill a trip of a lifetime.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing it all together

As with any new business, Sikeleli Safaris didn’t just need a pretty website, they needed a high functioning tool to generate business and create awareness around their brand. We implemented an acute SEO strategy and using API Integration we enabled them to build a customer database that they can use to manage and communicate with their clientele regularly. We built a robustly designed and developed website that empowers Sikeleli to attract consumers and conjure up a sense of mystery and intrigue, enough for the consumer to gain information and be able to followup by completing an inquiry form that gathers the right information, in a simple way, using a custom built Gravity Form.