• Reinvent their online presence and overall digital strategy to better align with their corporate goals
  • Create a platform to express book recommendations, share resources and inspirational content
  • Equip clients with course work documentation and online quizzes
  • Improve device accessibility through Responsive Web Design
Phase 1


Leaving behind a clunky menu and a poor user experience we introduced a simplified navigation with an intuitive content strategy. We were able to neatly accommodate their content in a concise, feature-driven format that makes us all want leadership coaching.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

Far more than a new look, LeadersWay was seeking to raise the bar aesthetically while retaining the traditional corporate brand colour palette. Our designer began creating style tiles to hone in on clear visual indicators for the site’s look and feel, achieving a professional tone to match the target audience.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing it all together

The end result provided LeadersWay with an online presence that doesn’t just look better, it performs better. We developed a well organized site with a resource library for their articles and instructional videos, enabling functionality to accommodate online survey assessments, as well as a designed solution to allow for class calendars.

LeadersWay is a leadership and cultural development company with 20 years of helping organizations and their people get better. Sourcing a company to build a 21st Century website for our company was one of the most significant and serious exercises we have done in years. We knew going into it that the design company we chose to partner with would have to know us beyond what we do and how we do it; they would need to understand why we exist and the difference we choose to make in the world.

Forge and Smith is that company. Our work together was a partnership where we felt everyone cared, truly wanted to know the meaning behind LeaderWay and how they could use their vast talents to communicate to the world our true purpose. In a world full of templates and instant gratification it is easy to launch your message painlessly yet at the risk of little or no return. For anyone who wants a web design and function that not only works but makes a difference my advice would be to reach out to Shawn and his team and build the partnership that will be your future.

Kevin Wolfe

President, LeadersWay