• Improve overall aesthetic and user experience and to make the site more engaging.
  • Improve overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience.
  • Gain SEO traction.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS.
  • Improve target audience's ready access to stories, news and campaign developments, and resources.
Phase 1


In Their Name needed a site which would allow them to share the stories of families affected by wrongful death, as well as news and updates on the campaign. Consultation is a big part of our design process, and we worked with In Their Name to present the important message these stories relay in a way that is accessible. User experience prototypes provided a chance to test out the navigation and feel of the site before the designs were laid on, and content prototypes created a streamlined way to present the message and voice of the site.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

We created a complete brand for the In Their Name campaign, which was simple, clean, and approachable. Through design we wanted to capture the emotion of the heartbreaking stories with the limited photography assets for the stories. We created a design that leveraged and enhanced existing photography with supporting stock photography to convey the emotion of the stories.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing it all Together

Above all, the stories of the victims and their families are the most important message to be heard in this site - the experience created for those who have suffered by the faults in the legal system. This new site provides the BC Wrongful Death Law Reform Society a single go-to intuitive resource to help motivate people to contact their MLA, contribute their own stories, and to establish friendships and sponsorship amongst the community of survivors.