• Feature more emphasis on services to maximize the client experience
  • Showcase in greater detail the charities Globalfaces Direct works with
  • Improve device accessibility through Responsive Web Design
  • Increase organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion
Phase 1


Our Vancouver website design agency was tasked with relaying the Globalfaces Direct story online. Their team wanted to maximize the client experience, and we agreed. The visuals required flare, and the content had to spark. As innovators in the field of face-to-face marketing, they needed to capitalize on their distinct methodology. The new site demanded the inclusion of a contact form, an about area, a blog, and a case studies section, all crucial components in connecting with their not-for-profit audience.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

We updated the previous site with a splash of stylish trimmings. Choice icons and lively images infused the site with an upbeat feel. The selected fonts allow the eye to move through the material with ease. Content and photos were balanced with careful consideration given to sizing and space. The overall effect invites further exploration and repeated visits.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing it all Together

The fully comprehensive new design resulted in a website more attuned to the character of Globalfaces Direct. With its casual tone, playful design and improved user experience, the redesign allowed the spotlight to shine on the many charitable organizations that have benefitted from the company's expertise. Globalfaces Direct are now equipped with the perfect platform to emphasize their value proposition and carry out their philanthropic goals.

It is very rare in life when you meet a group of individuals that are so talented and decisively great at what they do, that all you can really do is sit back, relax and be thankful that you are where you are. This is how Globalfaces feels about Forge and Smith.

When we initially decided to revamp our online brand we truly had no idea where to start; however, from the very first discovery call it was clear that Shawn and his team did. They took the ramblings of a confused man and turned it into a beautiful online presence that far exceeded our expectations. Not only that, they didn’t once make us feel inadequate! We were included and consulted in every step of the process and they always took the time to answer the simplest question; provide insightful recommendations and even offer us a pat on the head every now and then when we said something halfway right!

We are so happy with the outcome that we have decided to continue working with Forge and Smith to continue building our online brand and presence. They have a level of patience and understanding that we will never achieve and find them to be the perfect fit as the strategic partner we were seeking.

Jordan Nott

VP, Creative Strategy