Web Design and Development Case Study for Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition Museum | Forge and Smith, Vancouver
About The Organization

The Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition Museum houses the largest private collection of motorcycles in all of Canada. Their Vancouver facilities function as both a gallery and a unique conference centre for local businesses. Their modern space is sure to appeal to anyone with a penchant for speed, power or the sheer elegance of beautifully designed machinery.

  • Improve organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion
  • Provide greater device accessibility through Responsive Web Design
  • Create a visually appealing online presence to showcase their conference and event amenities
  • Compose a website that better reflects their service offerings

Phase 1


Largely recognized as a go-to hub for Harley Davidson aficionados and motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world, the Deeley brand came to Forge and Smith in the hopes of raising the public’s awareness of their conference-hosting capabilities. Our job involved merging two distinct businesses together in a unified, logical and easily identifiable way. The new messaging required a content strategy that would highlight the venue’s broad appeal and adaptability.

Phase 2

Style Concepts

Deeley approached us raring to go with a revised logo and colour scheme already in place. With no shortage of visual appeal, we opted to go big on the imagery, weaving together an assortment of stunning bikes with vibrant shots of their facilities decorated, catered and in use. We employed sans-serif fonts and generous padding to highlight the copy touting conference services and client testimonials.

style concepts

Phase 3

Bringing it all together

The intuitive new layout welcomes visitors with the promise of a unique experience. Our team began by creating an advanced new homepage with clear calls to action. We capitalized on a newly devised contact form by adding prominent button links throughout the site. Social sharing was beefed up to entice further inquiries, and to accentuate the photo-friendly nature of their business. Improved SEO optimization ensures clients looking for a unique conference centre in Vancouver will discover the Deeley name.

project image