What is Content Marketing and How Can it Convert Your Audience

Content marketing is the process of strategizing, creating, and promoting content that attracts a specific audience, retains readers through consistency and quality, and influences a profitable decision.

In simpler words, content marketing is content (blog post, infographics, videos, etc.) that is specifically designed to help your target audience (not sell yourself).

Before you start content marketing, ask yourself why are you creating content and how does your audience benefit from it?

Are you writing to add value and enhance your customers’ user experience or are you writing because you really want to talk about how awesome your product or service is and why people should buy? Let’s hope you answer was the former cause you really won’t get far with the later.

While the end goal is still about the sell your amazing product, content for the sake of promotion is essentially advertising, and will be treated the same way as every other ad on the Internet (no one will read it). Ad blockers are popular for a reason so in the case a post that just promotes yourself, people will just ignore it; we’re all sick of constant money-grabs.

Create content the is useful for the reader and not just beneficial for you. Before you start any content endeavor, ask yourself what the outcome is for your audience and how can they benefit from it.

How to convert your reader with content marketing?

How do you lead a customer to buy in? Make the content all about them.

The driving force behind each piece of content has to be providing value. You need to create content – be it text, images, or videos – that resonates with your ideal customer, provides them with answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. This establishes your business as reliable and trustworthy and that you always stay top of mind as their go-to resource.

Creating content should focus on your target audience and what they want and need. By creating content that meets their need, when they are ready to purchase or choose a service provider you will be top of mind, every single time.

The real secret is providing you target audience with as much valuable information that possible can. The companies that are succeeding at content marketing want to get recognized for their content first and product second because they know that if they position themselves as experts in the industry when their target audience is ready to buy they will look to them first.

Check out some of these amazing content producers:

  • Moz produces and provides an enormous amount of content related to SEO, content marketing, and local marketing, along with other amazing topics and seamlessly relate how their paid tool can take the process easier for you, with leaving out any valuable intel.
  • Unbounce continuously teaches you how to build a perfect landing page and the secrets behind it, even though that’s the basis of their paid tool.
  • Buffer Blog shares the secrets behind better social media management and marketing, covering all the topics their target audience (social media marketers) would be interested in.

These companies didn’t build their reputations on forcing clients to purchase in order to obtain information and intel, they provided it for free and in a constant stream to show how knowledgeable and useful they are so that they can build that trust and gain their audience’s attention.

Take out your pens and notebooks or open up a new doc on your computer because it’s time to start brainstorming and writing down all you content ideas and how they can benefit you target audience.