WordPress CMS Development Beyond Plugins

October 21, 2013
By Forge and Smith

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WordPress plugins improve dashboards, but using too many may impair performance.

Plugins give your WordPress web system an exceptional level of features and functions. For example: top ecommerce plugin WooCommerce can be enhanced with Sold Out Products. This plugin adds a widget and short code that displays out-of-stock products. This is great for proof-of-concept or startup websites without the need for customization, but what happens when these clients need to enhance plugin features or functionality?

Attempting to customize a WordPress plugin breaks the license agreement, preventing you from receiving future updates from the plugin’s developer. If you request a fix or make a suggestion to the plugin author, you must wait for them to act. Hacking may offer a quick fix, followed by a big headache when that plugin-dependent feature breaks.

While plugins are great for improving dashboard performance, they’re not ideal for slideshows, galleries and contact forms. Why? They increase calls to the database. Too many database calls slows down your web system. So the less plugins, the better. Less plugins decrease the number of calls to the database. That yields a faster web system.

How, then, do you get highly customized WordPress CMS development without plugins? Scripting. Good old-fashioned code can build absolutely anything you need.

The problem with scripting is that most WordPress CMS development teams are distracted by pre-fabricated themes and plugins. With good reason, of course, because few web developers understand WordPress customization beyond plugins, shortcuts and hacks. Most may not want you to know just how limitless your web system can be.

WordPress CMS development with the right mix of dashboard-enhancing plugins and hard-coded customization can create a truly remarkable web system. From event management systems with one-click registration to online quoting systems that won’t break without a fight, know that there is nothing that can’t be done with WordPress.

The catch is finding the web developer who understands the big picture and is skillful enough to help you build the web system you imagined, but were told, “It can’t be done.”

At Forge and Smith, we go beyond plugins to please our clients. See for yourself.

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