It Is Possible to Ditch Your Ecommerce Software

March 20, 2014
By Forge and Smith

If you’re not happy with your e-commerce software, imagine how your customers feel.

As e-commerce website managers begin to see the limitless potential of a custom-built and WordPress-enhanced web system, they want equally limitless potential from their e-commerce software. We highly recommend WooCommerce, but potential clients tell us that they didn’t think switching from OS Commerce, Majento or Zen Cart was possible. Because of new e-commerce software platforms with customization options, frequent updates and ongoing client support, more cart-to-cart migrations are being made.

Learn how we helped PGX.com easily switch from OS Commerce to WooCommerce.

We help clients switch to WooCommerce because the relatively new platform offers a range of content management tools. It pairs well with any search engine optimization requirements. Plus it provides access to hundreds of extensions for featuring daily deals, offering product customization, streamlining shipping and managing details.

How do we bring data from another e-commerce software over to WooCommerce?

We set up and use an automated shopping cart migration service called Cart2Cart to gather data from your existing store (source cart) and map it to the new store (target cart). We download and use a connection bridge via an FTP tool to complete this task.

Paying close attention to entities for transfer is a critical next step, making sure products, customers, orders, product descriptions, images and other fields are transferred without glitches or data loss. Then we map currencies and order statuses.

Why do you need to hire a web development team to complete cart migration?

From launching demo procedures to completing full migration of e-commerce store data, there can be complications from previous store customizations, failed connection bridge installation or other external errors. Forge and Smith’s experienced web developers provides seamless cart migration. Plus a range of other web store enhancing solutions.

When performance issues threaten sales, don’t let your current website with outdated e-commerce software keep you and your customers from doing business on the Web.

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