5 Easy Tips for Effective Content Promotion

May 7, 2020
By Guest

Businesses strive to create content and share it with their customers. That’s how you build trust, establish your credibility, and drive conversions. But first, people need to actually see that content. That’s where content promotion comes into play.

Whether you want more views on your blog posts or more traffic to your online store, you can use these five tips for effective content promotion. This way, you can draw in more visitors while getting the word out about your business.

Email your subscribers

Your business can use email marketing to send information to subscribers. This includes multiple types of content such as key information, links to your website, and blog posts. By including interesting subject lines and well-timed emails, you can use this channel to promote your content. But is it worth the time and effort it takes?

infographic showing email marketing statistics

This statistic shows the sheer volume of emails sent every day: nearly 300 billion. This means that tons of people expect to receive emails – and check their emails daily. This gives you the perfect opportunity to use email for content promotion.

Collecting email addresses on your website and using them for email marketing is a common practice. You can find email marketing software to handle it for you at low prices, or you can put someone in charge of your email marketing. Whether you run a small or large business, email marketing will help you with content promotion.

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Add engaging images

Even if you create a wonderful article on your blog, it may get overlooked in favour of other posts or websites because it’s not grabbing attention. That’s why smart companies constantly work to improve their content, so that they can attract more potential customers. If you want to stand out from other businesses, you need to start adding engaging images to your content.

When you add appealing images to your content, you make a stronger initial impression on viewers. Now they know what to expect from your content, and the imagery might be what encourages them to keep reading when they become curious about the context of the image.

You can use engaging images in multiple digital marketing channels to help with content promotion:

    • Adding images in email newsletters
    • Attaching an image to your social media posts
    • Including images with each of your product descriptions, such as packaging, assembly, and the product being used in real-life scenarios

When you add relevant images, you can enhance the user experience. By reviewing your existing content and adding fresh imagery, you can increase read times, decrease bounce rate, and improve your reach – which is important when promoting your content.

Use your social media pages

All businesses should use social media as an easy way to increase content promotion. People use social media for entertainment, research, education, inspiration, and to communicate with those they care about. Businesses with active social media profiles can distribute information and content to new and potential customers.

social media usage statistics

As you can see, all social media platforms have users that visit them daily. If you look at Facebook, nearly three-out-of-four of its users get on the platform once or more each day. That’s why daily posts from a company social media page are a great way to promote your content to your followers.

You can take multiple approaches with content promotion on social media:

    • Share links to your articles in Facebook and LinkedIn posts
    • Include an image on Instagram or Instagram Ads that directs people to view your new content
    • Post videos on your YouTube channel that inform people about your business

When you take advantage of social media platforms, you can directly communicate with your followers and customers. This gives you the chance to effectively promote your content in an environment that encourages interaction and sharing of information.

Contact an influencer

As you use social media to promote your content, you can also get in contact with an influencer. Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity because people are more likely to take interest in content promoted and supported by a person they respect (rather than a business). Working with an influencer or micro-influencer can help you reach new audiences.

Influencers have a community with whom they regularly interact. Because of this, influencers can make posts on their social media pages that quickly gain traction and recognition from more people than your own company social media might reach. If you can find a relevant influencer who will recommend your content to their followers, that content promotion will have a positive impact on your business.

influencer marketing statistics

These are the three biggest reasons why businesses use influencer marketing:

    • To promote a brand
    • To help with content creation
    • To increase sales

With an influencer assisting in your social media marketing, you can enjoy these benefits and spread the word about your content. This will encourage more shares, likes, and website visits for your business.

Work with groups and businesses

On top of working with influencers, you can make connections with other groups and businesses to help you share your content with their audiences.

When it comes to groups, you can find content communities and share your best work with them. This will help you increase your traffic as those in the community visit your content.

Guest blogging for another business’ website is an excellent form of content promotion. Find a business with the right target audience, and look at their pages and posts to see if they’re open to guest posts. Then you can contact them about sharing something on their pages.

Working with other businesses is mutually beneficial. When you write a guest post for another business, you can then share it with your social media followers. This gives the other business more traffic from your followers, as you get more content promotion through their website.

If you want more people to see your content, then you need to find the best ways to promote it. By using these five tips, you can increase the traffic to your website and blog. The more people visit your site, the more opportunity you have to boost your sales. In short, promoting your content will help you to drive success.

Laura Narušytė

Laura Narušytė is an experienced digital marketing and SEO specialist at Omnisend – Ecommerce Marketing Automation platform. When not blogging, she likes to read about SEO, digital marketing and ecommerce trends, technology and personal productivity. Follow her on LinkedIn.