3 Reasons Your Website Requires a Copywriter

3 Reasons Why Your Website Requires a Copywriter

This article was updated on April 19th, 2019.

At Forge and Smith, we write more than code. We’re frequently called upon to provide copywriting services for our clients’ website redesign projects. We understand the importance of engaging, optimized copy when it comes to a successful business website.

When a contractor or agency is hired to refresh an outdated website, the existing text is often copied from the old site and pasted into the new one. Easy-peasy. But what if that copy no longer represents your brand, contains outdated information, or you’re a new company starting from scratch with no copy at all?

Enter the copywriter!

3 Reasons Your Website Requires a Copywriter

What’s a Copywriter?

Did you know that there’s a difference between content writing and copywriting? Content writing covers the longer copy on your website, like the blog posts or case studies typically involved in content marketing. Copywriting on a website is generally about the smaller, urgent copy that drives the user experience — although one skilled writer can produce both types of content.

Where copywriting is essential to a website:

  • CTA buttons
  • Menu options
  • Small content blocks
  • Forms
  • Pop-up messages
  • 404 pages
  • Marketing content like social posts, emails, chatbot scripts, and more!

People typically associate copywriting with the advertising world. Copywriters do generate text with the intent to influence a decision. However, copywriting actually encompasses many types of writing. Writing copy isn’t just about producing catchy slogans.

Copywriters excel at creating subtle urgency. Their work appeals to audiences by adopting the most suitable voice and tone for the occasion. Beyond proper punctuation and immaculate grammar, copywriters require an ear for the way people speak, and the best way to communicate next steps for the visitor’s situation.

That’s why the best copywriters tend to be great listeners.

Three Reasons Your Website Needs a Copywriter

Copywriters edit

Copywriters can sniff out bad content — the same can be said for your website’s visitors. Websites are all about building confidence in your business or your products, and competently written content instills trust.

Today’s audiences also scan information, and won’t waste time on content that seems irrelevant or too difficult to decipher. Copywriters understand this mindset. They know that lengthy blocks of rambling copy will to go unread. Content that doesn’t immediately engage will quickly get left behind to start a fresh search.

In addition to editing for length, styling, and typos, copywriters will communicate everything people need to know about your brand in a concise, readable format.

Copywriters bring fresh perspective

Websites are a marketing tool, but they shouldn’t read like a sales pitch. It’s not a brochure, it’s a digital showcase for who you are, what you value, and what you do. Copywriters know this, and they scrutinize text with both their eyes and their ears. Sometimes it takes an individual outside an organization to get to the root of what needs to be communicated, and when.

Copywriters are also great at understanding the delivery. Is the tone too corporate, or full of buzzwords and jargon? Is the voice too casual for your audience? Copywriters tend to be pretty good at role-playing the part of the end user.

Copywriters bring emotion

Today’s sales are driven by authenticity — humanizing your business to create an emotional connection, and helping the reader see how your product or service will benefit them. This is why testimonials and reviews are such a critical part of your reputation.

Copywriters instinctively strive to make real, emotional connections. Your company story should be felt through every word on every page, and it needs to appeal directly to the kind of person who needs your exact services. A website visitor should immediately know that you understand their unique problem, and are capable of solving it.


A solid content strategy is built around creating a smooth, clear user experience. This means that your website design needs clear paths to key content, and that the content itself needs to immediately connect with the reader. Otherwise, there are hundreds of thousands of other search result waiting to satisfy them.

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