Blog Post Ideas for Your Business’s Blog: 9 Topic Ideas That Will Convert

You were told your business needs a blog, and that a business blog would help with your site’s SEO, your business’s content marketing strategy, and improve your overall User Engagement. You so got a business blog and believed in the hype because when you yourself Google things all the time and actually build relationships with brands that have helped you in the past. But as nice as it is to have a blog for your business you now have no idea what to put on your business’s blog or you have been putting up content that no one is reading, therefore you start to lost hope.

At the end of the day your audience only cares so much about you and what your company is doing, they want content that will help them or at the very least entertain them. It’s helpful content that turns searchers into customers, not promotional content. So here are 9 Topic Ideas for Your Business’s Blog That Will Help You Convert:

#1 All About [Insert term] – What is [insert term]

What do you do when you hear a new term being thrown around in your industry? You Google “What is [Insert Term]”. Therefore if you want to help your audience, get on top of the trends and be helpful. Create a blog post all about the new term and what in means to the industry. If you are trying to get ranked for that term but find that it’s overly saturated, try doing it specifically for your niche. For example, we specialize in web design but if we wanted to target wedding planners we would create an informatative post in the lines of  “All About Web Site Design for Wedding Planners” or “What is Inbound Marketing for Wedding Planners.” By targeting a specific niche and with a specific topic the chances of us getting ranked and found by the target audience is greatly increased.

#2 Frequently Asked Questions

Answer the questions your audience is asking, sounds too obvious right? And if the question you are answering is directly related to a solution you provide that’s even better. If you don’t know what questions people are asking then try checking out our post all about how to create better content for your business’s blog where we go in depth on how to find the questions your audience is asking.

#3 How To do / write / create [X]

This is probably one of the easiest things to do because you can use Youtube and Google to your advantage. Literally just start typing in How to’s related to your industry and company and you will start to find a paratha of information. Find the one that makes the most sense for your industry and type, type away!

#4 Beginner Guides to and Complete Guides about

One of the top and most linked to articles when its comes to SEO is Moz’s “Beginner’s Guide to SEO.” Why? because it’s a complete guide that gets regularly updated and linkers can rely on to cover the basics of SEO. If there is a hole like that in your industry, do your next post about that, writing guides take an extra effort but the shareability of the article will pay you back in strides!

#5 Product Comparision + Product Reviews

Did you recently make the switch from on product over to another? Did you like the switch, regret the switch, wish you could go back or only liked bits of each? Then chances are someone else is debating that same option. And they about would like an honest comparison between the two products and what would work better for their situation,

Even if you just recently tried a new product and loved it, let your audience know. Everyone is looking for tools that can help them manage their work day better.

#6 This vs. That.

Still to this day one of our most popular blog posts is “UX vs. UI: How They Work in Web Design.” We took two concepts that can be used interchangeably and explained each of them individually and how they work together.

Remember that you are the expert in your field, and not everyone knows the information you do. Some things might seem obvious to you because you are in the deep of it every day, but your target audience may not experience the same things so they don’t know the same things so be helpful and explain it. 

#7 Tips and Tricks

The good ole trips and tricks, if there is a common product or software used in your industry that you know some shortcuts about, share them. More often than not, once people learn the basics of a tool they don’t  tend to go in-depth on learning more. So tips and tricks are always a helpful post because it’s an easily scannable post that again helps your users manage their day better.

#8 Tutorials

How many times in your work day do you google how to do a certain thing, whether its edit a particular thing on Photoshop or how to edit a part of your WordPress site. Chances are you took to Google to answer that question and chances are you are met with a blog post or YouTube video that answered your question.

Keep track of the things you didn’t know how to do and write a blog post about it. Especially if the post you found weren’t as helpful as you needed it to be. At the every least this could help out other people in your company and at the very most, you are showing up in position zero on Google with your answer because you did such a good job answering the question.

#9 Lists

And if all other ideas fall short, make a list, this blog post and many of post are in a list. Buzzfeed more or less built their platform on creating super shareable and wonderfully put together list post that informed, intrigued and entertained their audience. List are great for the user because the are simple, to the point and easily scannable.

That is our list, we hope you find it helpful but if you didn’t then you can always just Google Topics in Your Industry, find you content competitor and get ideas from them, don’t copy their work, but use it for inspiration for your own content or try adding to what they already said expanding the knowledge a bit deeper.

Whatever it is that you decide to write about next just make sure it’s helpful, and if you don’t know ask yourself or someone else if they have ever Googled it.